• Driving $1,000,000+ for Businesses with UX Copywriting, PR and Comms


    We influence minds and inspire action

  • How we can help you?

  • We help you build your brand, create a favorable impression, and amplify your message. We boost your exposure and growth  through compelling messaging and design thinking.

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    We'll work with you to define the product/service goals and prioritize features that resonate with user needs.

    We'll set the foundation for a succesful business—and we'll do it all at an affordable rate!

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    Saying what you do isn't enough. The way you say it matters! 

    We adopt your voice and vision and share your philosophy to convert audiences into die-hard customers.

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    Brand Push

    Propel your business with a simple push of a button!

    We can get you featured in over 1500 online publications, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts and TV and radio.

  • The AJ Center Is Your Brand's New Secret Power

    Power to influence minds and inspire trust in how you do business. 

    Power to promote your offerings and positively impact the lives of customers and clients as you envisioned in the beginning. 

    Power to speak and stand out in the competition that threatens to snuff out the light your brand brings to the world. 

    Find In Us A Trustworthy Partner To Forge Long-Term Business Growth. 

    ​​Through targeted web content, news platforms, email, and social media, we can: 

    Accelerate Your Profitability 

    We do this through a specialized lead generation program perfected through experience, relationships, and technology. You can call us if you struggle to make online or offline sales. 

    Strengthen Your Brand Presence

    We do this through strategic cross-platform content that improves your brand's memorability among customers. You can call us if yours is a new business in a challenging market. 

    Improve Your Authority And Influence

    We achieve this through media-driven thought leadership and customer influence. Trust us to deliver results if you want a larger market share or dominance.

    Improve Your Digital Maturity

    Nearly all your customers are online. The time is now to improve your digital presence and start selling online. We can help you get found on Google.

    We employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which improves your online presence OVER TIME, for free using content.

    We can also speed up things with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC improves your Google ranking IMMEDIATELY at a small fee and budget that is within your control.

    Introduce You to New Markets

    We do in-house design thinking to help you discover new services and products to sell by sifting through market demand data.

    We can help you design your USP unique selling proposition and amplify sales from your new venture through SEO content, PR, and advertising.

    Help You Win On Social Media

    Whether you want to sell more on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, you need a partner who understands customer psychology. We do. We can get them to open their wallets through copy, design, and influencer management.

  • Would you like to start a project with us?

    Let's create a fresh, relevant brand experience that positions your company as the go-to solution to your customers' problems.

    Contact us today!

    Email: andrew@theajcenter.com

    Phone: +1 315 636 0901

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