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Essential Things to Learn Before You Implement SEO in Kenya

SEO is a digital strategy to help you reach more people online. It’s about optimizing your website and content for search engines so that people searching the web can find it more easily. Below are some of the most common questions and answers about SEO.

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Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire an SEO consultant

. References can help gauge the consultant’s experience and confirm that they ran effective campaigns. Clients likely won’t provide analytics, but they should be able to tell if they’ve seen an improvement in search results ranking, conversions, and audience.

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How to Perform Keyword Gap Analysis

Analyzing the keyword gap is essential for content success. Through this process, you may identify what you’re missing compared to your competitors and find areas where you can outrank them. You want to be seen in the millions of published content. So, use the keywords your customers are looking for!

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Generative AI ChatGPT Monetization: Product Placement Ads, Concerns on AI Ethics and AI Law

Product placement ads in Generative AI involve using AI algorithms to generate content that includes or features a particular product or brand. This content could be anything from a blog post or article to a video or virtual reality experience. The AI algorithms can be configured to generate content tailored to a specific audience or demographic and integrate product placement ads into the content in various ways.

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How to Track Your SEO Performance with The Right Metrics

Data analysis is crucial for success with SEO. It helps you learn which tactics are working and which aren’t. Tracking performance will give you the information and power to refine your SEO and increase your ROI. To get the best results, you need to look at a range of data, from engagement to traffic, conversions, ROI, and more.

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The Dilemma of Safer Internet and Dating Site SEO

As Google strives to provide a safer internet experience for its users, they have announced a bold new feature commemorating Safer Internet Day. This new default setting will blur all explicit images in search results, and even users who do not have SafeSearch enabled will still benefit from this feature.

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Google Unveils Bard to Battle it Out with ChatGPT

In a move that could be seen as a direct challenge to the viral success of ChatGPT, Google made an announcement Monday about the launch of their new chatbot tool, Bard. According to Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the new AI will be available to “authorized testers” starting Monday before being released to the wider world “in the coming days.” Founded upon OpenAI’s language system, revealed in late 2022, Bard can respond to user prompts with impressive accuracy, thanks to its training on extensive web data. As such, it looks well-positioned to provide engaging and relevant answers to user inquiries.


Google Pours $300 Million Into Anthropic, A ChatGPT Rival

Google has invested $300 million in AI startup Anthropic as part of a deal that should give it a competitive advantage over Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.
Anthropic is a chatbot startup specialising in creating intelligent chatbots that can be programmed to interact with users via text messages or voice commands.
Google has invested $300 million in Anthropic as part of an agreement to see the two companies work together on future projects related to AI-powered chatbots.


Google to Launch Apprentice Bard, ChatGPT’s Fiercest Competitor

Gear up for search space wars. Experts have predicted that ChatGPT will make Google search obsolete in just a few months. In reaction to this threat, Google is experimenting with new artificial intelligence-powered chat products that could become the foundation for a future public product launch. A key component of this effort is its new conversational bot Apprentice Bard which could be integrated into the company’s search function to counter the growing popularity of ChatGPT.

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Law Firm SEO Costs $400 a Month. Here’s How to Get a 500% ROI.

Optimizing for search engines and optimizing for usability are two different things, but they’re equally important. Search engine optimization ensures your site shows up in the top results of Google searches, while usability ensures that people can find what they’re looking for on your site easily.

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