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PPC Costs $5,000 – $10,000 Per Month. Here Are 8 Ways That Money Goes to Waste.

Click Fraud is a big problem for PPC campaigns. It’s when you pay for clicks that never happen, which can occur for many reasons.
The first is that you’re paying for bots—initiated clicks. Competitors are stealing your clicks using automated tools or manual labor (like someone sitting at their computer all day clicking on ads).

PPC Costs $5,000 – $10,000 Per Month. Here Are 8 Ways That Money Goes to Waste. Read More »

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Omnichannel Strategies for Business

Omnichannel marketing is a trend that is taking over the world. It allows your business to communicate more effectively with customers and helps increase sales and customer satisfaction. It also allows you to understand your customers better and target them based on their needs. What is Omnichannel Marketing? Omnichannel marketing is a buzzword for the

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Google Algorithm Updates 2023

Google has been busy updating its algorithms in 2022, and here is a recap of the important updates you need to know about. Google Page Experience Update for Desktop In January and February 2022, Google announced that it would update its desktop experience to improve user experience (UX). The Google Page Experience update was designed

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