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PPC Costs $5,000 – $10,000 Per Month. Here Are 8 Ways That Money Goes to Waste.

Click Fraud is a big problem for PPC campaigns. It’s when you pay for clicks that never happen, which can occur for many reasons.
The first is that you’re paying for bots—initiated clicks. Competitors are stealing your clicks using automated tools or manual labor (like someone sitting at their computer all day clicking on ads).

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Law Firm SEO Costs $400 a Month. Here’s How to Get a 500% ROI.

Optimizing for search engines and optimizing for usability are two different things, but they’re equally important. Search engine optimization ensures your site shows up in the top results of Google searches, while usability ensures that people can find what they’re looking for on your site easily.

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DOJ Accuses Google of Suppressing Ad Rivals

The US Justice Department has accused Google of using anticompetitive practices to preserve its place as the leading advertising engine. The tech giant controls around two-thirds of global online searches worth around $181bn annually. It is accused of harming competition by using its dominance to give its own ad services greater prominence than rivals. Attorney General Merrick Garland said: “Google’s conduct has caused harm to consumers and innovation.”

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Psychological Pricing Factors and Tricks for B2C and B2B

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of a business. It dictates your profit margins and can affect customer acquisition and retention. So, you need to ensure that you are pricing your products appropriately to maximize profits and revenue.

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8 Little Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with You According To Psychologists

These 12 “precursors” to falling in love – serve as an excellent blueprint for brand-customer relations:

1. Personality – Brand personality
2. Familiarity – Brand awareness
3. Reciprocal liking – Brand inclusivity efforts
4. Appearance – Company image
5. Similarity – Company alignment with market expectations
6. Readiness – Preparedness to meet customer needs
7. Social influence – Brand authority
8. Arousal –Customer attention and arousal
9. Isolation – Customers’ unmet needs
10. Filling needs – Customers need to be part of something larger
11. Specific cues – Personalized offers
12. Mysteriousness –Self-discovery in customer journeys

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2023 To Witness Giant Leaps in Digital Marketing Tech

Super apps may dominate the mobile landscape by 2023, which could mean big changes for social media marketing. Meta space marketing will likely be more complex, involving reaching out to user avatars in Zuckerberg’s metaverse –an independent virtual universe where customer journeys start and end.

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Reverse Engineer Your Competition! Engagement, Authority, Ranking

The ability to rank, be authoritative or engage more people online depends on the moves of your competitors vis-à-vis the game theory. Ranking is a zero-sum game, so you cannot ignore your of your rivals. It is best to track and plan for every scenario to predict their next steps.

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