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AI Voices: Experts Speak on The most Profitable, Ethical and Patriotic Ways to Implement AI

The primary concern for a vast majority of people is that AI-driven automation will be able to displace human workers and thus result in job losses and enhanced unemployment. Even though entrepreneurs can leverage AI to find novel business opportunities, augment team productivity and lessen the impacts on overhead, dealing with increased unemployment across the greater workforce will disrupt the capability of small organizations to flourish in a healthy economy. There is a greater need to focus on strategic AI implementations and developments that don’t degrade or threaten our lives as a species but that enhance the quality of living, job satisfaction and life expectancy.

AI Ethics Power and Profits

We interviewed 7 leading entrepreneurs and developers to shed light on the best strategies to better use AI in business and governance for positive societal outcomes.

Leverage AI for Social Good - Seth Besse, CEO,

undivided headshot seth
Seth Besse

Launch initiatives that leverage AI for social good, such as improving accessibility for people with disabilities or supporting humanitarian causes. This can foster a positive brand image and a sense of patriotism by contributing to the welfare of your nation, as well as its research and innovation efforts.

AI algorithms assist us in creating personalized learning paths and support plans for children with learning disabilities. This saves caregivers hours of research and frustration. It also makes it easier for them to access the information they need when they need it.

Use in AI in Product Development - Ryan Steinolfson, Owner, Accelerate Marketing

Ryan Steinolfson

Utilizing AI in New Product Creation is, in my opinion, the most lucrative approach to employ AI in business while also being both ethical and patriotic. Find unfilled niches in the market, fine-tune product designs, and speed up innovation by incorporating AI into your R&D processes. This can lead to more effective goods that address consumer wants and needs.

Use AI for Customer Satisfaction - Prof. Dr Te Wu, CEO, PMO Advisory

Maximizing customer satisfaction is, in my opinion, the most profitable, ethical, and patriotic application of AI in business. Use chatbots and virtual assistants driven by AI to deliver instantaneous customer help and tailored suggestions. Businesses may boost retention rates and bottom lines by investing in ways to make customers happier with the service they receive.

Use AI to Complement, Not Replace Workers- Daivat Dholakia, VP of Operations, Essenvia

Daivat Dholakia

So far, the best way to implement AI into business ethically involves implementing systems that contribute to completing our existing team's responsibilities rather than replacing team members. You want your team to work with AI rather than be replaced by it. AI can easily take over repetitive tasks, freeing your team from other, more complicated tasks.

Invest in AI Education to Help Jobs Transition- Isla Sibanda, Cybersecurity Specialist,  

Isla Sibanda

To circumvent this challenge, the government and companies should invest in education and retention programs that will assist workers in transitioning to novel job opportunities that AI develops. Helping our team evolve has assisted many workers to remain relevant and keep their jobs within the industry.”

Even though AI has been created to function independently with minimal input required from humans, the fundamental algorithms are designed by people. AI can accidentally sustain the current bias in the data it has been trained on, which could result in discriminatory results. We have taken proactive measures to ensure that our AI tools and services are fair and equitable.

Focus on Intelligent Advertising - Alex Contes, Co-Founder, ReviewGrower

Regarding using AI in the corporate world, I believe that AI-Driven Marketing is the most profitable option while still being ethical and patriotic. Incorporate AI-based pattern recognition algorithms into client data analysis for more precise advertising. Increased conversion rates and greater return on investment in advertising are possible outcomes.

Automate Repetitive Tasks – Valaerie Nova, Ubunzo

Valerie Nova

Using AI tools like Adobe Sensei in our design projects helps us automate repetitive tasks, increasing project completion speed by 25%. Furthermore, leveraging AI to analyze user behavior on websites we've designed has resulted in a 15% increase in user engagement and a 10% increase in conversion rates. These strategies prioritize ethical AI use and contribute positively to our economy, proving that technology can improve efficiency and work quality and create a better digital landscape for all.




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