Google Pours $300 Million Into Anthropic, A ChatGPT Rival

Google has invested $300 million in AI startup Anthropic as part of a deal that should give it a competitive advantage over Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

Anthropic is a chatbot startup specialising in creating intelligent chatbots that can be programmed to interact with users via text messages or voice commands.

Google has invested $300 million in Anthropic as part of an agreement to see the two companies work together on future projects related to AI-powered chatbots.

ChatGPT, a Big Threat to Google's Search Business

The Financial Times reported that Google has agreed to invest $300 million into Anthropic, an AI chatbot startup that will rival OpenAI's text prediction model.

Google is afraid of AI platforms that simplify and take over search.

Google has invested in Anthropic because it wants to protect its business model from being disrupted by these new competitors who've captivated users that previously spent time on Google search.

The deal gives Google a stake of 10% in Anthropic. This might not seem like much, but it could give Google some control over the future of AI-powered search.

Back home, Google is trying to develop AI search tools that could be better than ChatGPT, as witnessed in their recent Apprentice Bard and Sergey Brin's code request.

Google's Investment Affords Anthropic More Computing Resources

In addition to the cash infusions, Google has offered Anthropic access to its massive cloud computing assets and engineering team. This is expected to help Anthropic develop its technology faster and bring more collaboration between the two companies.

Google's investment is expected to offer Anthropic more resources to develop its technology and bring more collaboration between the two companies.

Anthropic's founder, Dario Amodei, previously worked at OpenAI as a VP of research. He left in 2021 to found Anthropic to build practical, controllable and interpretable AI systems of the future.

The $300 million investment is an enormous vote of confidence in this approach and could help bring it into widespread use much sooner than anyone would have guessed just a few years ago.

Google's Anthropic Investment Mirrors the $1bn Microsoft Invested In OpenAI

Google's investment mirrors the $1bn cash-f that Microsoft invested in OpenAI back in 2020. The tech giants are battling for control over chatbots and other AI services and are willing to invest heavily to get it.

To say that ChatGPT has been groundbreaking would be an understatement — it can be used for anything from generating websites to writing blog posts and composing music.

It's not just a chatbot that gives you answers, either. ChatGPT can also apply for jobs on your behalf or create apps for you.

Simply put, ChatGPT is an AI system capable of doing anything Google does but better and faster than any human could ever hope to accomplish with their own two hands!

Marketers to Brace for Disruptions

If you're a marketer, now is the time to start bracing yourself for how AI-driven search will affect your business. If you haven't heard of ChatGPT and its rivals, they're all changing how people find information online by reducing the need to visit a website before getting an answer to their questions--and that's a massive problem for SEO.

To prepare for this shift in consumer behaviour, marketers must start diverting resources away from content marketing efforts towards direct marketing tactics like email and social media marketing (if you haven't already done so).

We'll be keeping our eyes on how this plays out.


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